About us

Since launch in 2012, SEWKER has grown into a premium global brand of outdoor furnishings with offices in Europe, Australia, United States and Asia today. Our product offering include indoor/outdoor pillows, cushions, sofa sets, and a customizable Designer Series. With more than 100 novelty patterns to choose from, we also use recyclable PET material as fillers, the finest variety of rich fabrics.

We have an excellent R&D team and state-of-the-art production facilities overseas. Our United States-based warehouses, service centers and distribution centers ensure speedy delivery and customer service excellence. Each product passes a series of quality checks before shipped to customers.

4 Years Experience

Rich manufacturing experience and quality control.

37 ODM Solutions

Acceptable customization, the maximum to meet customer needs.

297 Style and color

A variety of styles and colors, suitable for a variety of home style.

24/7 Support

You got any issues? Get in touch!